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Rehabilitation Trip to Zhytomyr

Sunday, 27 November 2016 15:31

The weekend trip to the city of Zhytomyr took place on November 26 -27.

We were pleasantly surprised by the beauty of the city, warmth, kindness, sincerity, and sensitivity of its locals.
Girls from Zhytomyr branch of the "Association of Wives and Mothers of Soldiers Participation in ATO" Olga Litvin and Natalia Yevpak organized the trip with all their soul in order to make it took place in a warm and family atmosphere.

Few people know that Zhytomyr has unique museums, which have no analogs in the whole Ukraine. One of the most exciting museums is the Museum "Handicraft court." Its director Fedor Vladimirovich conducted us exciting, very informative and inspiring tour. The Museum of Cosmonautics by Koroliov fascinated children and left no adults indifferent. Also, we visited the local history museum, learned about the history of Zhytomyr region and saw a unique exhibition of paintings.Separately, we want to note the "Compass Center of Adaptation and Renewal" and its chaplain Povorozniuk Vasily.  Fantastic atmosphere of warmth, support, and love dominates in this center.

When you are there, you feel an enormous burst of energy and strength, the desire to live and move on.Thank you for what you are doing as you are helping both soldiers and their families! And of course, thank you for such beautiful gifts.Women and children received great fun and positive energy from rehabilitation trip to Zhytomyr.