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Free domestic violence hotline launches its work

Monday, 01 August 2016 14:07

At the beginning of 2016, over 16,000 people have reported domestic violence cases in their families, which is four times more than in 2015. More than 18% of them are related to violence in the families of ATO participants.

According to experts, the domestic violence will raise for several years. Pre-war problems such as alcoholism and unstable economic situation have not disappeared but only intensified. Now a general picture was broken by the war.

An important part of the implementation mechanism of the state policy on prevention and countering domestic violence, trafficking in human beings is the work of consultative telephone hotlines. That is why it was decided to open a hotline where women can receive immediate anonymous help, consultations on gender violence and discrimination as well as psychological and legal support.

We believe that such trust phones have a huge potential to help people who cannot get help in any other way.



Hotline Phone 0-800-21-10-10