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Association of Wives and Mothers of Soldiers Participating in ATO

Together we are stronger!

At the beginning of 2016, over 16,000 people have reported domestic violence cases in their families, which is four times more than in 2015. More than 18% of them are related to violence in the families of ATO participants. According to experts, the domestic violence will raise for several years. Pre-war problems such as alcoholism and unstable economic situation have not disappeared but only intensified. Now a general picture was broken by the war. An important part of the implementation mechanism of the state policy on prevention and countering domestic violence, trafficking in human beings is the work of consultative…
-       Unexpected histories of settlers who not only found strength in radical change but also started life from scratch; -       Stories about women who have been subjected to violence and coped with it and are ready to share their experiences; -       Cities of power in Ukraine; -       Will Ukraine win after signing visa-free documents? Read all this and more in the July issue of the newspaper or at http://zahid-shid.com
A rehabilitation trip to the city of Lviv was organized under the project, "Weekend Trip of NGO Association of Wives and Mothers of Soldiers Participating in ATO" on July 23 to 24. This journey was a great opportunity for the almost fifty family members of soldiers to see one of the most beautiful cities in Europe, talk to each other, cope with their grief, and find the strength to move on. On the first day, participants visited the mysterious cave and a great coffee mine and had a bus tour of medieval Lviv. Also, we visited the memorial for the…
On July 23, the Association of Wives and Mothers of Soldiers Participating in ATO had an appointment with Oleg Bereziuk, head of the Samopomich Association of the Ukrainian government. At the meeting, we had a chance to talk about the methods of calculation of the pensions. The discount price for basic neccesities and a health care program for the families of fallen soldiers have been created by a group of lawyers. Oleg Bereziuk said that he is ready to help resolve all questions related to the settlement of difficulties faced by the wives of dead soldiers.
The first nationwide platform for sharing traditions, culture and history between schools in different regions of Ukraine. The event is the immersion of children from different regions of Ukraine in the unique atmosphere of Ukrainian culture and traditions, through this, to remove the artificial barrier between East and West.
8-11 July 2016 was the time to take a holiday trip to the cities of Eastern Ukraine as part of the project "Train of Unity." We were traveling by bus, and it allowed us to see and learn about even more sights. First, we traveled to Bakhmut city (old name: Artemivsk). There, we visited the museum exhibition dedicated to the events of the ATO. We also attended the opening of a memorial plaque for the fallen soldiers of the battalion "Donbass" near the pedagogical school where the soldiers of the battalion had their living base in summer 2014. Further, participants…