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Association of Wives and Mothers of Soldiers Participating in ATO

Together we are stronger!

On September 8, a meeting was held on issues of further planning to investigate the Ilovaisk tragedy and transfer the case to court. There were several representatives from Poltava, Kharkiv, Dnipro, Ivano-Frankivsk, Zhytomyr, and Kyiv. We resolved many important issues, made conclusions, and approved the strategy for the near future.   
Mothers, wives, and comrades of Ukrainian soldiers killed in the battle for Ilovaysk picketed the Prosecutor General's Office of Ukraine, demanding Anatolii Matios, the Chief Military Prosecutor, to resign and submit the Ilovaisk case to court. Women demanded a personal meeting with Yuriy Lutsenko, the Prosecutor General, the resignation of the military prosecutor, the disclosure of classified investigation materials and bringing people to court whose orders caused the Ukrainian forces to happen into the encirclement in Ilovaysk. Besides, the women participating in the picket initiated collecting signatures for the resignation of Mr. Matios, the Chief Military Prosecutor. They also stick…
On August 28, 2016, our organization held an event called "Ilovaysk. Truth or Punishment."   The event had two aims. First, as we mentioned, it commemorated all our dead soldiers. We honored their memory with a minute of silence and prayers and released in the sky about 1,000 balloons for our guys. Secondly, we demand that the case of Ilovaysk be finally referred to the courts and the perpetrators be punished. We haven't forgotten, and we will never forget. We want to know why this tragedy happened, why so many people were killed. Who is to blame for this, and…
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On August 2, 2016, the Association of Wives and Mothers of ATO Participants had an appointment with Oksana Syroid, the first female vice speaker of the Ukrainian Parliament. They discussed important issues and made a plan for further cooperation.
On July 30 and 31, the families of soldiers, with the call signs Boris, Sneg, Cherep, Reactor, Izia, Red, Yegor, Mongol, Karat, Dudayev, Kocherga, Chumak, had the opportunity to experience the Cossacks adventures and to travel through the exciting and outstanding places in Cherkassy. The program on the first day included laying flowers at the monument of ATO heroes, a tour of the Cherkassy City Zoo, walking in the city park, visiting the amusement park, swimming in the Cossack's traditional boat called Seagull, and playing fun games. The next day, the program was no less intense: an excursion to the…